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Hello there 👋 , fellow living being! Unless 😧

I am Nanda Velugoti, a 2nd year Computer Science PhD student at Illinois Tech and Research Assistant at HExSA Lab. I am advised by Dr. Kyle Hale. I am also a PhD Intern (part-time) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory working as part the HPC Group lead by Dr. Nathan Tallent.

My research interests are Systems and HPC (High Performance Computing) areas in Computer Science. I like researching on hardware/software components (memory, storage, cpu, os, etc) in computing systems and propose solutions to help improve overall system performance optimized for specific workloads. I am currently working on concurrency aware memory analysis of parallel applications on heterogeneous architectures.

I initially worked as a software development engineer for 3 years at Temenos (formerly Kony Labs) in Hyderabad, India. I moved to US to pursue my research studies at Illinois Tech. I started out as a Masters student (graduated 2021) and currently continuing as a PhD student since 2021. For more details checkout my CV.